3 LA Rams defensive players facing make or break vs Bengals today

Los Angeles Rams At Cincinnati Bengals Joint Practice Aug 24 0046
Los Angeles Rams At Cincinnati Bengals Joint Practice Aug 24 0046 /

Okay, so here we are, another training camp behind the LA Rams, and a new NFL season rapidly approaching. It’s another test of fortitude, courage, and constitution for 80, soon to be 53, players on the LA Rams roster. One more game between players and the cruel twist of fate that will determine if they will remain with the LA Rams, return to the Rams roster on the practice squad, or simply end their NFL chapter with the Rams, in the hopes of writing a new chapter elsewhere.

To fans, the drama for this time of year is determining which players will, or will not, continue to play for the team. But for the young players who have committed most of 2022 so far to perform whatever the LA Rams coaches ask of them is particularly bittersweet. That last request, to turn in all their gear and the team’s playbook, begins another quest to start over.

But before that happens, each player on the bubble has one more audition and one more dress rehearsal. It’s the moment when players can reset the board, perhaps even leapfrog a teammate or two. At worst, a great preseason performance now can lure interest from other NFL teams. And so, these three Rams defenders have one more chance to put on a performance warranting remaining on the team’s 53-man roster. Who might they be?

Keir Thomas (Jersey #96)

We know that the Rams’ defense is looking for depth in their outside linebacker role. So who is stepping up to take on the challenge? Would you believe Keir Thomas is having one helluva preseason so far?

Because the Rams have promoted their OLB depth for this season, the team is very interested in restocking the depth chart. Keir Thomas has almost certainly earned a callback to the team’s practice squad. Now? He is aiming higher for a shot at the Rams roster

Dan Isom (Jersey #41)

We know that defensive back Dan Isom has picked off a pass to put up one of the few turnovers for the Rams’ defense in the preseason. Because the Rams drafted heavily for their secondary, the competition has been red hot to sort out the Rams’ intentions of who stays and who goes.

Isom has felt like a tweener-type player so far, one who may be waived to sign to the team’s practice squad. But he could also remain on this team if he puts up a huge case by making great plays on defense and on special teams.

ILB Jake Hummel (Jersey #59)

The presumption that the Rams will be advancing rookie inside linebacker Jake Hummel to the team’s 53-man roster is not a slam dunk. But it’s a safe bet if he has a good game against the Bengals.

Historically, the Rams have waived promising inside linebackers who have subsequently signed elsewhere. Will Jake Hummel continue that Ramily tradition? Not if he plays well enough, right?

Well, he has been a solid contributor so far. But the Rams will need a bit more to be ensured that Hummel is a guy who can contribute this season on defense.

The LA Rams roster will be swelling with secondary stars. But these three players, with a great game, could sneak onto the team’s 53-man roster as well.

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