4 trade scenarios that are possible before LA Rams roster cuts

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LA Rams Roster Ben Skowronek
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Trade scenario III: WR Ben Skowronek to the Baltimore Ravens

We know that several NFL teams are in the market for a wide receiver. We also know that the LA Rams roster has bucked that trend, and is fairly loaded with wide receivers. So loaded, the team is to the point that the coaching staff and front office are revising their plans to enable the Rams to sneak desired players through waiver claims to their practice squad.

Few, if any, of the current wide receivers on the LA Rams roster will make that migration.

We know that any player who competed in a Super Bowl is a valued asset on any NFL roster. Right now, the Baltimore Ravens would be more than happy to add a tough-nosed receiver like Ben Skowronek to their roster.

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The Ravens love tight ends. The beauty of acquiring a player like Skowronek is that they get the blocking of a tight end with the speed and route running ability of a wide receiver. The Ravens love toughness, and that is exactly what they get in Skowronek.

Now the only question is, can the Rams afford to trade him so soon after he competed in Super Bowl LVI?

I think the answer to that one is yes. Since that game, the LA Rams have signed veteran WR Allen Robinson, who is a standout NFL veteran at making contested catches. In fact, he has taken to the Rams’ offense as well as quarterback Matthew Stafford did in 2021. That means that Skowronek’s skillsets, while unique on the Rams roster last season, are redundant this year. But what about injury or depth?

The unexpected emergence of undrafted rookie wide receiver Lance McCutcheon, who has all of Skowronek’s toughness plus incredible soft and sticky hands, is more than capable of playing in a backup receiver role for the Rams this year.