4 trade scenarios that are possible before LA Rams roster cuts

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Trade scenario II: ILB Christian Rozeboom to the Denver Broncos

The LA Rams will be hard-pressed to carry four inside linebackers to the 53-man roster, and if they try to slide one of their promising young ILBs, they will be scooped up by another team. So why not preemptively trade an inside linebacker?

The LA Rams have two starters currently on the roster who will shock the NFL in Bobby Wagner and Ernest Jones. Behind them, the Rams list Christian Rozeboom, Jake Gervase, Jake Hummel, and finally, Anthony Hines III.

I like the upside of undrafted rookie Jake Hummel and the special teams’ contribution of Anthony Hines III. Jake Gervase is a savvy veteran who is a hybrid LB/DB, and would not be an easy player to fit into a role on any other NFL defense. So, Gervase will likely be the player who is waived with the sole purpose of re-signing to the Rams practice squad.

That makes the odd man out in my estimation to be Christian Rozeboom. This is by no means some hidden devaluation of Rozeboom. He is a strong linebacker who can patrol sideline to sideline, has better than average coverage skills, and is a great complement to the Rams’ starting inside linebackers.

It simply comes down to a numbers game. In my mind, a safer bet for upside is rookie Jake Hummel.

The Denver Broncos have raided the Rams roster in the past for an inside linebacker and may be looking to do so once more this year. Let’s see if we can make an honest team of them, and see if they might trade for ILB Christian Rozeboom.