Grading 3 BR trade scenarios involving LA Rams before season begins

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Trade scenario III:

The third and final trade scenario from Alex Kay involves the LA Rams trading away defensive back Taylor Rapp to the Cincinnati Bengals. At first, that trade scenario offers some hope for the LA Rams to unclog the congestion at safety, a matter that has been complicated this offseason when the Rams’ unofficial depth chart revealed that both Jordan Fuller and Taylor Rapp were in a dead heat to start opposite Nick Scott in the Rams secondary.

Well, that’s the upside. Now for the downside. Kay’s compensation for a starting safety?  No more than a sixth-round pick. (pause here for the laughter to subside).

Wait, was he serious? I might be able to justify some level of discount from the second-round selection in the 2019 NFL Draft, the 61st overall player chosen. But Rapp started ten games in 2019 as a rookie, was relegated to a rotational role in 2020 due to injury, and reclaimed a starting role for the Rams in 2021.

For a sixth-round pick?

In 2021, Rapp put up 94 tackles, four interceptions, and 1.5 quarterback sacks. In pass coverage, he allowed less than 75 percent of the passes targeting his receiver to find their mark.

I may believe that other defensive backs have earned the right to more playing time than Taylor Rapp, but any suggestion that the Rams accept anything less than a third-round pick for him is highway robbery. If the LA Rams do nothing at all, Rapp will likely sign a contract with a new NFL team in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market, a transaction that could qualify the LA Rams to be considered for an awarded compensatory draft pick in 2024, as valuable as the third-round.

So it comes down to gambling on a future third or fourth-round draft pick, or improving a competing NFL roster, that of the Cincinnati Bengals, at a deeply discounted price? You can guess what the grade is for this one, can’t you?

This trade scenario’s grade: F

Summing it up, none of the various scenarios that involve the Rams offer anything of value to the Rams to consider even inquiring about any of them. What do you think? Does any make sense to you?

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