LA Rams rumors are warming up. Will team sign this veteran FA at OL?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams seem to be a place where the rules of mathematics do not apply. When it comes to the NFL salary cap, the Rams negotiating power has allowed them to add veteran OLB Von Miller at a salary cost of under $1 million. When the LA Rams signed free agent inside linebacker Bobby Wagner and free agent wide receiver Allen Robinson to the roster, many believed the Rams organization was guilty of cooking the books.

After all, math is exact. The entire discipline of constructing and deconstructing formulae and equations will give the same answer to you, to me, and to anyone living on the planet. Unless, of course, you work for the LA Rams.

Behind the smile of LA Rams GM Les Snead is all the computing power of a national defense supercomputer. So when he decided to commit to only two tight ends on the final 53-man roster, we believe that the white wizard of NFL rosters has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Rams rumors: FA offensive lineman on the radar?

Another positional group that appears awfully light on paper is the LA Rams offensive line, a group that features two new starters, and has two players who have suffered a higher than expected rate of injuries in recent years.

Snead states that the Rams are going with eight offensive who have started or played for the team in the past. Is there room for more? You bet.

Are the Rams interested? Heavy author Lorenza Reyna claims that an NFL source states that free agent OG Oday Aboushi is on the LA Rams’ radar, in part because he has positive ties to former Rams defensive coordinator Brandon Staley.  But Oday Aboushi is an intriguing player for many reasons.

He played for the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks in the past, indicating that he has experience competing in the NFC West Division. He played for two seasons with the Detroit Lions and started ten games protecting quarterback Matthew Stafford.  He suffered an ACL last year, but all indications are that he is back to full NFL health.

Is he a sure starter for the LA Rams? Not at all. But he is the type of player who the Rams have added in past at the bottom of the roster, who pays off huge dividends later in the season.

Stay tuned.

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