The uncanny ability of LA Rams HC Sean McVay to win openers

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III- Rams stay grounded

Some teams get plenty of preseason hype and praise, and that is tough to ignore. Some teams, like the Dallas Cowboys, get the annual media promotion of being the Super Bowl favorite team, and it sinks into their attitude. Other teams, like the Green Bay Packers, are sensationalized from a near-homage type of press coverage that borders on reverence towards the teams’ start players.

Thankfully, the LA Rams do not seem to attract that type of overexaggerated projection. LA Rams veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford performed among the Top-3 NFL quarterbacks in 2021, and comes in as the eighth most expensive NFL quarterback, but is viewed by many NFL analysts as a middle-of-the-road quarterback. I don’t know of any other example of an NFL Super Bowl-winning quarterback who has been met with so little fanfare the year after winning it all.

LA Rams players don’t require the NFL spotlight

So too does Super Bowl MVP and NFL Triple-Crown winner wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who threatened to break several long-standing single-season receiving records, finds himself listed behind other inferior wide receivers in NFL projections this year.

You can go down the Rams roster, and the team simply is not getting the same homage as other teams. While that may bother fans, and trigger rebuttal articles to set the record straight, the LA Rams organization and the players are not wrapped up in the dog and pony shows of preseason projections.

It’s the tone set for the team by head coach Sean McVay.  This is a new team with many new players. It’s a new season, filled with new, and oftentimes quite improved, opponents.  This is a team that is stuffed with young players but is led by some of the best and savviest veterans in the NFL. This is a team that is more about making a statement on the football field than to the pregame press. And that is vital for success in a game that oftentimes is decided by seconds and inches.