The uncanny ability of LA Rams HC Sean McVay to win openers

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II – Rams are prepared

The LA Rams do not get the top choice in the NFL Draft, and yet the team continues to field a very competitive and successful team.  How can the team continue to string along winning seasons when many NFL analysts and pundits are harshly skeptical over the team’s ability to restock the roster with a new rookie class?

The Rams have a track record for redshirting rookies, a trend that can frustrate fans at times when they are eager to witness what the new faces add to the team. And yet, that hold ’em don’t fold ’em process has proven to be incredibly effective. The Rams found that defensive back Nick Scott was able to unleash his pent-up frustration in postseason play, and he became an instant hero.

This year, the team appears ready to christen the NFL careers of both tight end Brycen Hopkins and wide receiver Tutu Atwell, two young athletes who have been held out of direct NFL competition. But this season, but are slated to be significant contributors to a short-handed offense.

DAWGWORK makes a difference

Perhaps no unit on the team is as exemplary in terms of developing NFL-caliber talent as that of Coach Eric Henderson and his ability to select and develop outstanding and often overlooked defensive linemen. When you look at the LA Rams depth chart, you find that all three backup defensive linemen had never heard their names called out in the NFL Draft. Placing that all in perspective, the Rams’ defensive line is projected to be one of the NFL’s best this season.

That is neither coincidence nor accident. The LA Rams invest in some of the best coaches available in football, and the results are evident in the way that the team is prepared to win. It’s not just my opinion, but that of other NFL coaches that hold the Rams staff in such lofty regard. Even defensive coordinator Raheem Morris, who faced an immensely difficult task of taking over the very talented, but vulnerable Rams’ defense was able to create a nearly perfect defensive scheme that made the difference in the postseason.

And this year, look for even better things.