Can LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp’s 2022 season outdo 2021?

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Kupp had an NFL-best season

That performance was particularly impressive as it threatened two All-Time NFL single-season receiving records, finishing a very close second place in receiving yards and in reception. Ironically, the Rams elected to bench their starters in the fourth-quarter blowout victories against the New York Giants and against the Houston Texans.

Had Kupp played the entire game in either contest, he would certainly have broken one, if not two, NFL single-season receiving records. Was the season tainted as a result? Oh, I wouldn’t say that, particularly when you consider how dependent the Rams were on Kupp in that fourth-quarter game-winning drive to claim victory in Super Bowl LVI.

Clearly, Cooper Kupp delivered, just as fans knew he would

But like “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, the 2021 season performance by Kupp will be discounted if it is viewed as an anomaly, a spike aberration from an NFL player who typically delivers on or about 1000 yards per season. Very good production? Yes. Elite production? No. And that is why 2022 is a pivotal season for the legacy of LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp.

So what should fans expect this season? Well, that’s a good question and one that we plan to discuss in the very next slide. So, let’s get right to it: