5 crazy claims for LA Rams Week 1 game against the Bills

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Crazy Claim II: Rams WR Allen Robinson will put up over 110 yards receiving and 1+ touchdowns

I really love the matchup of LA Rams’ new wide receiver Allen Robinson in this one. I think it’s easy to ignore two very relevant and glaring facts in regard to the career of the Rams’ new wide receiver Allen Robinson. So what do we find so obvious that so many other more astute NFL analysts consistently seem to miss?

Simply stated, Allen Robinson has put up over 1000 yards three times in his NFL career. In 2015, he put up 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns from the throwing of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles. In 2019, he put up 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns by catching passes from Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky. In 2020, he put up 1,250 yards and six touchdowns by catching passes from Trubisky and Bears quarterback Nick Foles.

I’m pretty certain that no one will be talking about the NFL Hall of Fame candidacy of any of those three quarterbacks. Now, my intention is not to throw shade at quarterbacks, but I would argue that former LA Rams quarterback Jared Goff is equal to if not better than any of those quarterbacks who threw to Robinson. We all witnessed what an impact LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford made on the Rams receivers.

But an even stronger point is that Allen Robinson had been the WR1 in his previous roles. That meant that he drew the strongest defensive back, and frequently drew double coverage. In the LA Rams offense, he will likely draw lesser skilled coverage, creating an almost weekly mismatch that Stafford will be more than happy to exploit.

Robinson is a big tough physical receiver, just the type that Stafford loves to throw to. In this one, the Rams will likely test the Bills’ secondary by sending Tutu Atwell deep, clearing out intermediate routes for either Cooper Kupp or Allen Robinson. As long as that happens, Stafford will target Robinson the entire game.