7 overreactions to avoid from LA Rams opening loss

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Overreaction VII: Jalen Ramsey is over the hill

Sometimes it’s just easy to blame someone. After a disappointing loss, some fans just start firing away at familiar names. Oftentimes, if the game’s demise included the opposing quarterback throwing a touchdown to a wide receiver, any wide receiver, those tirades get launched at LA Rams All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey.

And it’s not fair.

NFL defensive backs tend to complement one another, much like NFL offensive lines do. The group dynamic is far more important than individual players, and the defensive scheme oftentimes who is more heavily involved in man coverage pass defense and who is the free defensive back who can make the play on the football.

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Rams takeaways outnumbered points scored off turnovers

The LA Rams played heavy doses of zone coverage in Week 1. The Buffalo Bills had the perfect offensive game plan to exploit that defense, and how best to neutralize Jalen Ramsey in the process.

Ramsey was aware of the team’s shortcomings in this one. Per Pro Football Focus, Ramsey was targetted six times, allowing five receptions. Ramsey broke it down in pretty general terms. But on the touchdown play to Diggs, Ramsey was in a called zone defense but the Bills flooded the zone with two receivers, forcing Ramsey to read how the route would ply out. While Ramsey was reading, Diggs slid past and got a step on him. Diggs scored the touchdown from a huge hurl by QB Josh Allen

It was the case of the right play called against the wrong defense. The Bills were not just the hungrier team, but the more patient team. The Rams were in a great position to win this one. At halftime, the Rams has a tied score, and the offense was getting the football in the second half.

The momentum reverted almost entirely when the Rams took possession on their own 12-yard line. Three plays later, the Rams were punting the football to the Bills at fourth down and 11 yards to go. The Buffalo Bills took over at their own 42-yard line and scored a go-ahead touchdown. The Rams’ offense would not score a single point in the second half.