7 overreactions to avoid from LA Rams opening loss

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Overreaction V: Fire Liam Coen

While I admit that this overreaction was the least common, the concept was much too humorous not to make this list. Calling for the firing of LA Rams offensive coordinator Liam Coen for what exactly? Guilt by association?

Problem-solving in the NFL is not about Naming, Blaming, and Shaming. In fact, that is the worst way to solve a problem. Problems are not caused by people, but by faulty processes. So the words of LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp are spot on.

Reflect on the problem(s). Rectify them. Then go out and respond with the fixed process.

Coen’s role is limited in this offense so far

The LA Rams hired Liam Coen as the offensive coordinator to reclaim and reintroduce the talents of 2020 rookies Tutu Atwell and Jacob Harris. Based on all of the positive reports surfacing about both players during training camp, mission accomplished.

Is there more work to do on offense? Of course. Absolutely. But how much of the offensive struggles were about play calling, formations, rust, or just bad play? We really don’t know the answer to that one. We will have a much better clue after witnessing what the LA Rams put up in Week 2.

But come on, fire the guy who doesn’t even call the plays?

Rather, Coen’s real work begins now. He must be the voice of reason, challenging an offensive game plan that has no more improvisation or new wrinkles than the Rams’ preseason vanilla playbook.