8 optimistic observations from LA Rams opening loss

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Optimistic Observation VI: Allen Robinson was open

There certainly was a rather rosy view of how quickly the LA Rams could get veteran free agent Allen Robinson involved in this offense. I expected that, with the chemistry with Cooper Kupp already established, the Rams would make an effort to target Robinson to throw the Buffalo Bills defense off the scent.

Well, that didn’t happen

The truth is that many of the Rams players were not on the same page in the opener. Perhaps none were as out of synch/sorts as that of quarterback Matthew Stafford to that of wide receiver Allen Robinson in Week 1.

The same type of dysfunctional distribution occured in 2021 when Robert Woods was seemingly left out of the Rams’ offensive game plans for weeks. Last seeason, Woods was targetted four, nine, six, six, until he was finally targetted 14 times in Week 5.  Right now, Robinson is getting half as many looks.

But he is open. Until the Rams get him involved in the offense, defenses will prioritize him less and less in their defensive coverages.