8 optimistic observations from LA Rams opening loss

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Optimistic Observation II: Rams can cause turnovers

If anyone had told you that the LA Rams’ defense would cause four turnovers in the first game of the season, you would have been well within your rights to expect the Rams to win the game against the Bills. Turnovers are cherished statistics, as the team that creates turnovers should be expected to win the game. That’s how it has been, is, and will be in the NFL.

And the Rams’ defense did exactly that against the Broncos. Turnovers are bonus points. The Rams caused four turnovers against a ball-conscious offense.

But the LA Rams offense didn’t get the memo and turned the ball back three times.

With a belief that the Rams’ defense can continue to beg, borrow, and steal, and an equally faith-based belief that the offense can find the handle on the football, the Rams should be in for better times ahead.

The Rams’ defense created four turnovers in one game, against a top-talented team like the Buffalo Bills. That was two interceptions, and two forced fumbles.

In most games, that is enough to trigger a lopsided Rams win.