LA Rams act decisively to secure future of the franchise

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams brain trust runs on the power of GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay, and the Rams organization is working hard to get both under a new contract that reflects the value of their contributions to earn their first Super Bowl victory for the city of Los Angeles, California. One contract was completed weeks ago, that of Rams HC Sean McVay. That left one contract still to go, that of Rams GM Les Snead. The second contract was signed on the day of their Thursday Night Football debut.

Regardless of what the LA Rams are able to accomplish, or not accomplish, this season, the LA Rams have been an incredibly successful franchise over these past 5+ seasons. This may not be the season that the bill comes due, but perhaps we should prepare for that day. It’s coming and may be closer than we realize.

In the meantime, the Rams’ range of final record for the 2022 NFL season has fallen from a low of 0-18 to a high of 17-1. Plenty of good teams are scratching their heads right now, wondering how to get back on track to winning.  In fact, the NFL standings after one week of NFL resemble an inversion of the final standings from a year ago.

It’s times like these that the value of both HC McVay and GM Smead are at their peak. Uncertainty can either paralyze or mobilize. Historically, when the Rams face adversity, it is Sean McVay and Les Snead who act quickly and decisively to put the team back on track to winning.

Now, it’s the LA Rams ownership that has acted decisively to secure the future of the franchise. In doing so, the Rams will likely come out ahead of other NFL teams once more.

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