It’s time for LA Rams outside linebacker Terrell Lewis to step up

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams recorded two quarterback sacks in the first game of the 2022 NFL season. Unfortunately, no outside linebacker got to quarterback Josh Allen. Let’s hope that the Rams do better in Week 2.

Talk is cheap. It’s pretty easy to say what you are going to do. But at some point, you simply have to go out and do it. LA Rams outside linebacker Terrell Lewis is at that point now. We’ve heard the “I’m gonna” promises. Hell, I’m guilty of the “He’s gonna” promises too. I love the guy and believe that he can deliver.

But we’re to that point in his NFL career where we need less of this:

And much more of this:

And so it goes. The life of an NFL outside linebacker is one that offers immeasurable rewards, but which comes with unending pressure. Right now, the LA Rams defense would welcome quarterback pressure off the edge. For my money, the guy who will deliver should be Terrell Lewis. Why?

Time for Terrell Lewis to produce

He is a very productive, if not very durable, outside linebacker. 124 defensive snaps in 2020 translated into two quarterback sacks and five tackles. 367 defensive snaps in 2021 translated into three quarterback sacks and 22 tackles. Now, assuming he will play between 500-600 defensive snaps this season?  I’d look for 8-10 quarterback sacks and 45-60 tackles.

That would be a solid performance, but it has to start now. Particularly against another mobile NFL quarterback in Atlanta Falcons Marcus Mariota. Mariota put up 20 out of 33 completions for 215 yards through the air and rushed 12 times for another 72 yards on the ground. He may not have the same name-recognized receivers as the Buffalo Bills, but if the Rams’ pass rush does not get to him, he can pick apart the secondary just as well.

That means the pressure is on Terrell Lewis to put pressure on Mariota. And it won’t be easy.

The Falcons quarterback was untouched in their opener. And averaging 5.3 rushing yards per carry, there was no reason to force Mariota to pass too often. It’s time for Terrell Lewis to deliver.

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