LA Rams Roster changes again, Rams open roster spot

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams do not use injuries to settle on the status quo. In many cases, an injury to a player creates an opportunity for the team’s front office to work its waiver wire wizardry, to entice an athletic free agent to sign on and over time become a key contributor to the team.

After the season starts, the Rams are one of the more active NFL organizations when it comes to roster moves. But the team is not simply focused on filling up the top end of the roster. In fact, I assert that the best moves for the team often come at the bottom end of the roster.

Over time, the Rams had signed placekicker Matt Gay, punt returner Brandon Powell, and others. Their presence has been more than just finding a player who can hold their own. They showed up and showed off, giving the LA Rams a complete turnaround at an aspect of the team that was struggling.

Rams roster report

Now, the Rams are back at it again. Two players are injured, and the team has made the appropriate roster transactions.  So which moves did the Rams make?

Well, we know that RB Kyren Williams injured his ankle early in the game, and will be out for approximately eight weeks. In the game, the LA Rams reported that offensive center Brian Allen injured his knee, had a procedure, and will be out two to four weeks. Left tackle Joe Noteboom strained his MCL and is now considered day-to-day. And finally long snapper Matt Orzech was injured and is also considered day-to-day.

The first report of Rams roster moves was the most obvious. RB Kyren Williams to IR was expected. DB Dan Isam is dinged up, and he will go on the practice squad IR. Finally, the Rams addressed their need for a backup long snapper by signing Matt Overton, a nine-year veteran who was named to the Pro Bowl in 2013 with the Indianapolis Colts, and who last played for the LA Chargers a year ago.

Pretty routine moves, no surprises. But the LA Rams have an open roster spot.

And that’s always worth keeping an eye on.

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