3 LA Rams candid conclusions from Week 2 of Thursday Night Football

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Candid conclusion I: Rams are set up to perform similarly to the Kansas City Chiefs

The more I watched the Kansas City Chiefs play, the more similarities I observed between their team and that of the LA Rams. Now, I’m not here to elaborate on a comparison or contrast between individual players. I’m simply saying that the Rams’ offense is designed to put up points as rapidly as that of the Chiefs’ offense.

But one of the criteria that the LA Rams set into place when trading for quarterback Matthew Stafford was obtaining a quarterback who could:

1 – Make his progression reads
2 – Throw from multiple platforms
3 – Throw out of sequence
4 – Improvise

Based on his first season in the LA Rams offense, the Rams appeared to have checked all four boxes. But this is about the similarities of the team, not just the quarterback. So what other similarities can we cite?

Pass happy performers

Both the Chiefs and the Rams are pass-centric offenses. That means that while both teams will run the ball to balance the offense, defenses know that stopping the pass is the highest priority when facing either team.

Because both teams are confident that their offense can score plenty of points, their defenses are designed to be most effective when protecting the lead. Of course, if either team falls behind, the defense is not in its natural element, so the pass rush and creating turnovers are less effective.

Finally, both teams have the ability to come back from a double-digit deficit to claim a victory. That means that defenses must play a full 60 minutes to ensure a win. Unfortunately, the Rams never had the chance as the Buffalo Bills poured it on in Week 1 and never let up.

Can the LA Rams win in Week 2? Well, the Kansas City Chiefs believe that they can win each week. Since the Rams are a similarly constructed team, I’d say that the Rams can win each week as well.

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