LA Rams have got to do a better job with WR Allen Robinson

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Joint Practice Aug 24 0054 /

The LA Rams traded away wide receiver Robert Woods and allowed the contract of injured wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to expire. But the Rams’ front office gets the benefit of the doubt, doesn’t it?

The Rams personnel people seem to have an unparalleled knack for finding the right fit for the roster from the most unlikely of places. Whether it’s undrafted rookies desperate to sign with an NFL team, or veterans from the NFL Waiver Wire, the Rams seem to restock their roster without early draft picks.

So when the LA Rams signed undervalued veteran wide receiver Allen Robinson to the roster, the first thought in my mind was:

Slam Dunk!

Robinson seemed to be exactly the type of receiver that the Rams were trending towards. He is big enough and strong enough to hold his own at blocking. He is fast enough and agile enough to create separation and force defenses to defend deep. And he is physical enough to emerge with the football, even in contested catches. So it appeared that Robinson would fly out of the gates with a huge Week 1 game, and give defensive coordinators two headaches to worry about.

Well, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

Whether the problem was LA Rams head coach Sean McVay’s play calling, or how Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford saw the football field, the Rams did not target Robinson in Week 1.

The Rams have to do something about that, and quickly.

Chuck all of the theories aside for a moment.  We know that there are three basic truths. Defenses try to make their offensive opponents one-dimensional to win football games. By ignoring wide receiver Allen Robinson, the Rams are voluntarily becoming a one-dimensional offense. Robinson deserves to be targeted in this offense, not only to keep defenses guessing but to ensure that Cooper Kupp remains healthy through the NFL playoffs.

The Rams front office signed WR Allen Robinson for a reason. Let’s hope that the Rams offense figures out what that reason is this week.

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