LA Rams veteran Bobby Wagner has seen enough

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

One of the benefits of playing with the LA Rams for veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner was competing in front of family and friends in the city of Los Angeles, California. But a second benefit was clearly the chance to compete in the NFL Playoffs once more.

Let’s be brutally honest. Despite a very emotionally charged Week 1 win for the Seattle Seahawks, they are committed to rebuilding and are looking at a season where six wins will feel like a great season.

The Rams found themselves with their backs against the wall. An opening loss may not be a matter of worry, but losing the first two games in an NFL season most certainly is. Perhaps young players do not realize the peril of starting the season at 0-2. But you can bet a veteran like Bobby Wagner knows what that means.

And he has seen enough:

Wagner continues to be a force to be reckoned with for the LA Rams’ defense. In two games, he has two quarterback sacks and 14 tackles, and Week 2 is ongoing.

The LA Rams need a win this week, and you can bet that Bobby Wagner is doing everything that he possibly can to ensure that the Rams are going to emerge with that desperately needed victory.

So far the defense has been doing well. Out of the 41 points surrendered by the Rams so far this season, 17 points are directly a result of the Rams’ offensive turnovers.

The Rams’ offense continues to target WR Cooper Kupp (13+ targets) and TE Tyler Higbee (8 targets), and quarterback Matthew Stafford is still throwing interceptions (fifth interception thrown in just two weeks’ time).

Thankfully, the Rams inside linebacker Bobby Wagner is still making plays as well. That may be all that is needed today, as the Rams have opened up a huge lead. The Rams are finally making plays in the heart of the defense.

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