3 LA Rams PS members who are most likely to be elevated next

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams rosters have been set, if not in stone, then certainly in the sandbox. But something that developed for the LA Rams during the LA Rams 2021 regular season is the elevation of two Rams players for game day, almost like clockwork.

At first, the process was to cycle through players whose presence on the game-day roster could help the special teams’ performance without claiming an active roster spot.

But, over time, the Rams became more adept at toggling players from the practice squad up to the active roster for more three-dimensional roles. The LA Rams may need extra blocking or added depth.

Perhaps the team simply needs to have that extra page or two to the playbook, and the Rams had practiced that play or two almost exclusively with a player who they can elevate on game day.

Player promotion is now standard practice

However the need arises, the team has created a familiar pattern of elevating a player to the game-day roster as part of the three ‘free moves’ now allowed by the latest NFL/NFLPA rule changes.

In essence, teams can elevate players from the practice squad on three separate occasions and bypass the need to have that player pass through the NFL waiver wire. After that, the team must terminate the practice squad contract and sign the player to a full active roster contract.

Elevating, or activating, a player off the practice squad three times freely over the course of the longer 17-game season is a compromise between the NFL and NFLPA. The NFL is interested in optimizing revenue with the longer season, and in controlling costs by not expanding the active rosters. The NFLPA is interested in adding more players to game-time rosters to ensure that veteran players’ careers are not shortened by increased season play.

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The Rams have embraced the changes, and throughout 2021 and this year, the team has taken advantage of the free moves to augment their game-day roster.

So who may be activated for their Week 3 game? Here are our top players: