LA Rams will need to distribute ball and halt INTs to win in Week 3

Nfc Wild Card Playoff Cardinals Vs Rams
Nfc Wild Card Playoff Cardinals Vs Rams /

The LA Rams have fallen into a very predictable pattern in just two weeks of NFL play so far this season. While the Rams are 1-1, their performance has only flashed competitive football in the first half of Week 2. In that lone half of football, the LA Rams offensive moved the ball seemingly at will. The result? A 21-3 advantage on the scoreboard.

But the Rams did two things in that half of football that they have been unable to do in the remaining three halves: The offense limited turnovers to one harmless interception, and the team got everyone involved on the offensive side of the football.

For three halves of the past two games, the LA Rams have been outscored 55-20. In that same timeframe, starting quarterback Matthew Stafford has thrown two touchdowns to four interceptions, and the Rams’ offense has been almost exclusively designed to throw to either WR Cooper Kupp or TE Tyler Higbee.

When the defense knows what you plan to do, it makes their job much easier.

Rams Week 3 notes

When the Kansas City Chiefs blew the Arizona Cardinals out of the water by a score of 44-21, they had 10 different players involved in catching passes, five different players involved in scoring a touchdown, and despite the crazy effectiveness of their passing attack, committed to a balanced 39 passes 27 rushes offense.

That seemed to work.

The Chiefs controlled the clock and the scoreboard, never falling behind in the game.  Perhaps most importantly, they were content to take what the Cardinals’ defense was willing to give them, short and intermediate passes.

Defensively, the Chiefs kept the pressure on Kyler Murray, forcing him to throw twice as often as run the ball. They held RB James Conner in check, allowing just 26 yards on 10 carries. Without strong run support, the Cardinals were forced to throw, and that allowed the Chiefs pressure to sack Murray twice.

Offensive twists and shouts

The LA Rams have plenty of offensive weapons that could surprise the Cardinals today. The Rams could involve TE Kendall Blanton, TE/WR Jacob Harris, WR Lance McCutcheon, WR Tutu Atwell, RB Jake Funk, or even WR Brandon Powell.

The Rams used WR Ben Skowronek in a fullback role to surprise the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2. This week, I look for the Rams to go heavier on 12-personnel packages. Not only will that befuddle the Cardinals’ defense, but it will give the Rams an advantage against the Cardinals’ banged-up linebackers.

When the Rams do put three or four wide receivers on the football field, don’t be surprised if Cooper Kupp is used as a decoy in the early part of the game. The Rams know that the Cardinals will focus on Kupp, allowing other receivers to exploit mismatches all day.

But the Rams will need to run the ball today as well that is where the two tight ends will become most effective.  So far, the first team to score 31 points wins the game in the Rams’ first two games. Today, the Rams will need to score more than 31. I think that they will:

31. 32. Prediction. 34. 51

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