Why should you be thrilled about LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp?

Mandatory Credit: Joe Rondone-Arizona RepublicNfl Rams At Cardinals
Mandatory Credit: Joe Rondone-Arizona RepublicNfl Rams At Cardinals /

The LA Rams offense drives its success through the ability of WR Cooper Kupp to catch the football and pile up massive yardage numbers after the catch. But through three games in the 2022 NFL season, Kupp is merely the sixth-ranked receiver in the NFL, having put up 280 yards and three touchdowns. So time to be concerned? Not so fast.

Let’s revisit his 2021 numbers vs 2022 numbers and see if the fallout is due to a less productive season, or simply less work early in the season. Why should that matter? Well, if the Rams have opted to use him less this year, then the offense is wisely meting out his workload. Let’s take a look and see if we can track any trends.

Game                              2021                                            2022                         
                             Catches   Yards   TDs  Runs       Catches     Yards    TDs       Runs  
Week 1               7/10          108      1                       13/15         128       1
Week 2               9/11          163      2     1/-5         11/14         108       2
Week 3               9/12            96       2                          4/6             44       0           1/20  1 TD
Totals                 25/33        367      5    1/-5          28/35        280        3           1/20 1 TD

It appears that the Rams were more efficient last season, right? But keep in mind that the LA Rams faced the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4 last season, and have already faced them once this year. In 2021, the Rams threw to Kupp for 5 of 13 for 64 yards and 0 touchdowns. In 2022, the Rams adjusted their offense, completing four of six to Kupp for 44 yards. But the Rams compensated by running a jet sweep that succeeded in a rushing touchdown.

If Kupp puts up 151 yards and two touchdowns in Week 4 against the San Francisco 49ers, he will be back on track with his 2021 performance is 151 yards and two touchdowns doable? We think so, yes, and we’ll touch base on that in the next section of this article.

Kupp can best his 2021 performance

Kupp is ahead of his 2021 pace in terms of targets and receptions. While he is behind in terms of receiving yards and scores, he was scoreless in Weeks 4 and 5 last year. So if he puts up two receiving touchdowns in the next two games, he will be back on track to his record-setting pace from one year ago.

Looking at his production last year, he has done very well against the San Francisco 49ers. In three games, Kupp put up 29 of 34 passes for 382 yards and three touchdowns. That is an average of 10 receptions for 128 yards and one touchdown. So 151 yards and two touchdowns does not seem out of the question, does it?

Right now, Cooper Kupp is keeping pace with his 2021 season. The Rams’ offense will run through peaks and valleys through the season, and the team is still trying to get starting quarterback Matthew Stafford on track. But Kupp is still delivering. His 75.8 percent catch rate from a year ago is up to an 80 percent catch rate this year.

Kupp continues to keep his NFL record-setting pace. One year ago, he fell short of the single-season receiving yard mark by 17 yards, and he sat in the fourth quarter of two games. He is piling up receiving yards at a faster clip this season.

That’s why you should be thrilled about LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp.

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