Time to celebrate the LA Rams trending in the right direction now

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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There seems to be some confusion among LA Rams fans right now. The LA Rams opened the season in a humiliating manner by losing a home opener by a lopsided score of 31-10. The team turned it around in Week 2, jumping out to a huge 21-3 lead before easing up on the throttle and settling for a 31-27 victory. In Week 3, the Rams never trailed but continued to show a bit of vulnerability in the second half, this time only outscoring their opponent by a score of 7-6.

It’s been a tough time for LA Rams fans in some ways, a fanbase whose last memories of their team were overcoming incredible adversity to win nine of their last ten games. Not just win, but in two of their four postseason wins, the Rams actually had to mount a fourth-quarter comeback to claim the victory.

This year, the LA Rams have not jumped out to dominate anyone yet. Not yet.

By the quarters

Breaking down the scoring by quarters in the first three games? The scoring has been this:

Qtr          LA Rams          Opponent
1st              17                       7
2nd             27                     12
3rd              14                     17
4th                3                      34
Totals         61                      70

The Rams are 2-1, but as you can see by the table above, the Rams’ ability to make halftime adjustments is under serious concern. So what business do I have talking about the LA Rams trending in the right direction?  Simply this:

In game one, the LA Rams lost by a score of 31-10. In game two, the Rams won by a score of 31-27. In game three, the Rams won by a score of 20-12.

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The Rams are winning. But some are dissatisfied with the way the Rams are winning. There is no dominating performance by the Rams’ offense. There are no 50+ scoring bombs from Rams veteran QB Matthew Stafford to a streaking DeSean Jackson or Van Jefferson. The Rams’ offense is bland, and the Rams’ defense is frustrating.