LA Rams Terrell Lewis beginning to realize his NFL potential

Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona Republic
Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona Republic /

The LA Rams drafted Alabama outside linebacker Terrell Lewis in the 2020 NFL Draft despite medical concerns over a knee injury that continued to hamper the young man. It didn’t assuage the concerns of the fans when he struggled to get onto the playing field in his rookie season.

But the potential has always been there. When he is healthy, he can be a formidable force off the edge. What do I mean? In his first two seasons, he appears in 19 games and started four.  He saw action in 491 defensive snaps and converted those into 27 tackles, five quarterback sacks, seven quarterback hits, and 11 quarterback pressures. For comparison purposes, OLB Leonard Floyd played 932 defensive snaps in 2021 alone.

So there is strong evidence to support the assertion that a healthy Terrell Lewis can be a strong defender for the LA Rams. Of course, the key phrase there is . . . healthy.

Is 2022 the year for Terrell Lewis?

So how has he been performing this year? Very well, to be honest. He has played 101 defensive snaps in appearing in three games. He has put up eight tackles, recorded one quarterback sack, gotten one interception, and even generated one tackle for a loss.  He has two quarterback pressures, one quarterback knockdown, and two quarterback hits. In pass defense, he has allowed just two of four passes to find their mark.

In short, he’s been outstanding so far.

But when his health status from 2021 was mentioned, Terrell Lewis himself jumped in to set the record straight. So it seemed that, despite some reports, Lewis was a healthy scratch in some games in 2021 after the team acquired veteran OLB Von Miller.

So what does that mean going forward?

Lewis can be a key contributor in 2022

The Rams need Lewis this year to perform at his very best. While we may not know what that could be, so far he has been delivering just what the doctor ordered. He is 12th on the team in tackles, tied for third on the team for quarterback sacks, and he is tied for first on the team in terms of interceptions.

That’s a pretty productive and versatile defender, particularly in light of the fact that he is ranked 11th on this defense in terms of defensive snaps.

With the LA Rams struggling to get pressure off the edge, and the durability of veteran outside linebacker Leonard Floyd shrouded by a cloud of uncertainty, the Rams need Terrell Lewis to produce. And so far, he is doing exactly that. Will that lead to a career-high season? I expect the odds of that happening are very good.

Lewis had the opportunity to observe one of the NFL’s elite outside linebackers in 2021 by watching Von Miller play. He now has a chance to play alongside one of the NFL’s elite inside linebackers this year by lining up with Bobby Wagner. Lewis has had the opportunity to benefit from some of the NFL’s best.

Now, Terrell Lewis is beginning to realize his NFL potential.

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