SI names 4 LA Rams coaches destined for future HC roles

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Thomas Brown, Assistant Head Coach, Tight Ends Coach

The LA Rams hired Thomas Brown to coach their running backs in 2020. After two years, he has been given a new role of coaching their tight ends. It was Brown, who just arrived in the LA Rams organization, who stepped up and helped lead the team through the difficult 2020 season. Not only was that year a time of social unrest and injustice, but it was a time of great fear and concern over the onslaught of COVID-19.

Brown not only helped the Rams organization through a very difficult time that year, but he was instrumental in giving the Rams’ running game a new lease on life, helping to lead the team to a Top-10 rushing offense. To round out his experience, he has taken on a new role working with the LA Rams tight ends this season.  NFL teams would be wise to consider Thomas Brown to lead their team, as the Sean McVay coaching tree has found unparalleled success in the NFL. Thomas Brown is the next in the queue.

Liam Coen, Offensive Coordinator

EDITOR’s NOTE: We failed to include LA Rams offensive coordinator Liam Coen in this list. As of the date of this article’s publication, the Rams’ offense is 25th-ranked in yards and 15th-ranked in points scored. The Rams’ offensive coordinators do seem to get promoted rather quickly by NFL teams seeking to jumpstart their offensive production.

Right now, I would be a bit surprised if the Rams lose Liam Coen after just one season. While the Rams have definitely shown a more rapid ability to adapt new strategies on the offense, unless the team begins to pile on points and yards, the NFL may be content to seek head coaching help from other places.

Raheem Morris, Defensive Coordinator

The experience of LA Rams Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris is so vast and deep, he is likely forgetting more than many NFL coaches know. The Rams’ defense gets plenty of undeserved criticism, particularly in games where the offense commits turnovers.

So let’s point out that controlling the game clock and having good ball security are two ways that the offense can help out the defense. Neither category has been a particularly strong category for the LA Rams since Morris arrived.

But Morris is making do with what he has. In 2021, he inherited a defense that was designed to play the Vic Fangio-style of defense. This year, the defense has been more to Raheem Morris’ specifications, but even as the defense has created seven turnovers, the offense has matched them. And the Rams’ offense has struggled to score after getting the ball back this season. While some fans fail to notice, you can bet NFL executives and GMs are taking plenty of notes.

The Rams are 2-1 and are fighting through an overwhelming number of injuries to the team already. If you want the LA Rams to hire a new defensive coordinator, many of the brightest NFL minds expect that will be the case in 2023.  But if you are sitting on the fence, or even pro-Raheem Morris as we have been all along, savor the moment. Like all good things, this appears to be coming to an end rather quickly.

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