LA Rams: Malcolm Brown and the Run DMC Reunion Tour

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The practice squad makes perfect

Let’s be sure to affirm that the LA Rams have signed RB Malcolm Bown to the practice squad only. That is vital information to know, for now. But the hints are already surfacing that the LA Rams are considering having veteran RB Malcolm Brown active on game day for their Week 4 Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers.

So why put Malcolm Brown on the practice squad at all? Well, the Rams were already heavily invested in their Week 3 game plan and plays, the offense was already well on their way to installing the new wrinkles to make it all go, and the Rams have been without Brown since the end of the 2020 NFL season.

No time left to start again

Perhaps even more than that, the LA Rams were focused heavily on getting running back Cam Akers back on track. So far, Darrell Henderson Jr. seems to be in pretty good shape for contributing this season. But Akers needed to get more reps and more work to ensure that he would feel more confident in his ability to run once more.  And that may be happening.

The Rams, while making multiple roster transactions by the day, continue to walk the narrow path between filling roster needs and remaining within the NFL’s salary cap and roster limits. In short, the Rams added RB Malcolm Brown but did not have a vacancy on the 53-man roster. So he is on the practice squad for now, until he proves to the coaching staff that he is every bit as vital to the offense as he was two years ago, or until the team believes that they have a better use for that slot on the practice squad.