LA Rams: Malcolm Brown and the Run DMC Reunion Tour

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Unsung hero

Much like the re-acquisition of tight end Kendall Blanton, the LA Rams get a B-12 booster shot of toughness by bringing back RB Malcolm Brown. He is the team’s unsung hero, a guy who does whatever the Rams offense needs him to do. If you had forgotten what that is, let’s do a quick recap.

In 2020, Malcolm Brown rushed 101 times for the Rams’ offense, gaining 419 yards, scoring five touchdowns, and getting 28 first downs for the team. But he was also a dangerous threat in the passing game too. He caught 23 of 33 passes for 162 yards and another nine first downs. Much like his former teammate, running back Todd Gurley, if Malcolm Brown got the football near the endzone, the Rams were likely to score the touchdown.

So why did the LA Rams let him sign elsewhere in free agency?

2021 plans went astray

At the time, the Rams were quite impressed with rookie RB Cam Akers and were comfortable in allowing Brown to find his market value with another team because the team was convinced that Akers would be carrying the load. There was no way to predict that Akers would tear his Achilles Tendon, and be out for nearly all of 2022.

By the time the LA Rams needed help at the running back position in 2021, Brown had already signed on with Miami Dolphins. So how much of a difference can Malcolm Brown make for this offense? In 2020, the LA Rams rushed for 126.1 yards per game and scored 19 touchdowns on the ground that year. Compare that to the 72.3 yards per game average now, and just three touchdowns.

If RB Malcolm Brown can help this LA Rams rushing offense return to their glory days of 2020, he will have his praises sung by many NFL analysts and LA Rams fans. So get your voices warmed up, I’ve got a feeling that we’ll be in need of a song in the near future.

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