3 LA Rams topics we should discuss more after Week 3

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Topic I: LA Rams’ offense is far more creative with OC Liam Coen

The LA Rams seem to be getting all of their money’s worth out of newly hired offensive coordinator Liam Coen right now. It’s not as though this Rams team is facing fewer challenges. Nor is it a situation where the Rams are facing challenges that are limited to one or two aspects of this offense.

So far, the LA Rams offense has faced the spectrum of whatever can go wrong seemingly going wrong for this offense. But unlike past years where the Rams seemed to stick with the same formula and believe that it would work if they stuck to it, the offense is cracking open the case of innovation and improvisation early and often this season, with dramatic and positive results.

Benny and the blocks

For starters, the Rams have repurposed FB/WR Ben Skowronek into the backfield, and he has been delivering both devastating blocks, as well as upped his ability to catch the football.  But that change has improved his blocking wherever he lines up now, and the offense is more than happy about that.

The offense has been slowly shrugging off early season malaise, and begun to function more and more like the Rams offense we recognize.

The LA Rams’ track record so far has been that the coaching staff, with the aid of the adept front office, have managed to eventually solve the problems that spring up over the course of the season. But this season, that problem-solving process appears to be fast-tracked. That’s great because the Rams have seen an almost full season’s worth of challenges already in just the first three games.

The power of positive thinking

Too optimistic for you? Well, the LA Rams are the reigning Super Bowl Champion LA Rams. How did they do it in 2021?  After racing to a 7-1 record, this was the team that lost three consecutive games to fall to a 7-4 record. This was also the team that did lose five regular season games, and both times to the San Francisco 49ers, last year.

The Rams have reconfigured the roster, and there is so much more potential in this team. So much so that perhaps some have forgotten just how good this team can play.

There really is a different feel to the team right now. A sense of urgency that is less rhetoric and more substance. I think it will make a difference when the LA Rams travel to face the San Francisco 49ers in Week 4.

You’re welcome to join me in celebrating what these Rams have accomplished despite the challenges.  After all, there is such a thing as the power of positive thinking.

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