3 reasons why WR Allen Robinson leads LA Rams offense in Week 4

Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams have one of the most dangerous groups of wide receivers in the NFL today. Sure, other groups will tout their ability to perform at a high level. But the LA Rams start with WR Cooper Kupp, a player who smoked all of the competition last season. And this year, he’s got reinforcements coming to line up next to him.

So far, the Rams’ offense has been a bit, shall we say, subdued this season. While the team started out electrifying the NFL with a rare combination of big play ability with precision passing, the offense has been finding the early going less magical so far.

But wouldn’t we be a bit remiss to pretend that the LA Rams are business as usual so far? After all, the Rams roster has arguably been the most reworked group of players since the season started in the NFL. A rash of unexpected injuries that have decimated the offensive line, the secondary, and a host of other positions has forced the team to clear roster spots for reinforcements.

Rams are decimated by injuries

And the team is now forced to make do with the healthy players remaining on the roster.

Injuries, and a suspension, have forced the Rams’ offense to be without their starting offensive center Brian Allen and their primary backup right guard Tremayne Anchrum. The team is without their rookie running back, Kyren Williams, who was poised to see plenty of early season action. The team finds itself with a tight end Brycen Hopkins, who is serving a three-game suspension. And finally, one of the key wide receivers, Van Jefferson, has been moved to IR.

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Those are a lot of players who are not available to the Rams’ offense, and this is only Week 4. Of course, the Rams offense has been trying to regroup. So far, the team has reformulated the offensive game plan from an aerial assault to one of deception and ruses. But at some point in time this season, the Rams’ offense will need to establish air superiority. One of the keys to reforging a durable passing attack is to get newly acquired WR Allen Robinson involved. Why?