3 reasons why WR Allen Robinson leads LA Rams offense in Week 4

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II – He is a different type of receiver

The LA Rams know who wide receiver Cooper Kupp is, from the ball handlers to the head coach. But the role of wide receiver Allen Robinson remains a mystery to just about everyone. In theory, he is closer to Odell Beckham Jr. than anyone previously on the current roster.  That means that he can extend his body to make tough catches. It also means that he can take a hit.

We saw the optimism build throughout the summer. The flips to Robinson were snagged despite the need to do so with the full extension of his body. It elevated the expectations beyond the point where the reality of the early games of the season could fulfill them.

Of course, training camp is not quite live NFL action, is it? And the fact that the Rams starters did not have the opportunity to work through the timing of live play may contribute to the sluggish start of Robinson so far.

Locked and loaded for October

I don’t think that the Rams have used Allen Robinson correctly, simply because they have not had the right opportunity to do so. And that has translated into the obvious outcome where the guy is not producing because he is not getting the work. But business for Allen Robinson may be picking up.

The LA Rams were 2-1 in September. But in October 2022, I don’t think it’s a stretch of the imagination to suggest that the team’s season faces a gauntlet that could either make or break the team’s playoff hopes. The LA Rams face the San Francisco 49ers twice, plus the Dallas Cowboys (2-1) plus the Carolina Panthers (1-2).

All four games will be very physical, and the LA Rams will need to have Robinson locked and loaded to emerge with wins in these games. The Rams will need to be a much better offense this month, and that will most certainly involve getting Robinson online to spread out the defense’s attention.

Robinson has the ability to show up huge in big games against physical defenses. Right now, the LA Rams are looking at four tough opponents with physical defenses in the month of October. It’s pretty much now or never for Robinson.