3 reasons why WR Allen Robinson leads LA Rams offense in Week 4

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I – He is another ideal fit for LA Rams veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford

The LA Rams offense is rather complex. That is not to say that the playbook is impossible to learn. Rather, the sequencing of plays is akin to building a pyramid, and each week’s new plays are about building off the offensive plays that the defense is prepared to see.

But Allen Robinson is not getting the work, so defenses have little to go on. When it all clicks into place, it will all start happening very quickly. And that could all start to happen in Week 4 against the San Francisco 49ers defense.

So far, Robinson’s best game was clearly his performance against the Atlanta Falcons, when he caught four of five passes for 53 yards and one touchdown.

But better games could be on the horizon. In two previous matchups with the San Francisco 49ers,  Allen Robinson has caught nine of twelve passes for 106 yards and has rushed once for nine yards.

The 49ers won’t focus on Robinson in this one

One thing about the rivalry that has been the two games per season contests between the San Francisco 49ers and the LA Rams is the fact that records, statistics, and pretty much everything that the two teams had experienced before facing off can be thrown out the window. The 49ers know the Rams, and the Rams know the 49ers.

There is no mystery to this one. The LA Rams know that the 49ers love to run the football against the LA Rams’ defense. In the 11 past games since the LA Rams hired HC Sean McVay, the San Francisco 49ers have rushed the ball:

Year     Rushes Gm 1     Rushes Gm 2
2017    33-113-3 *         30-171-2
2018    24-107-0 *         22-127-1*
2019    41-99-2               23-119-2
2020    37-122-0            33-112-1
2021    44-156-1            35-135-1

NFC Championship Game: 20-50-0 *
*denotes Rams victory

Totals:  342-1311-13

In games with the LA Rams, the 49ers have averaged 31+ rushes per game for 119.2 yards per game and 1.2 TDs per game. You don’t need to major in math to see that the Rams typically win games where the defense holds the 49ers’ rushing attack in check. So what does have to do with the LA Rams and Allen Robinson?

If the Rams jump out early in this one and find a way to keep their foot on the offensive accelerator, the 49ers’ dependence upon their running game can prove to be their downfall.  And to do that, the best weapon in the LA Rams’ offensive arsenal is WR Allen Robinson.

We know how important a victory over the San Francisco 49ers is to the LA Rams, even this early in the season. But getting a win will take more than some razzle-dazzle or throwing non-stop to Cooper Kupp. The LA Rams need to out-physical the 49ers in this one.

To do that, Allen Robinson has to hold a significant role in the offensive game plan.

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