LA Rams open Week 4 by sticking with familiar plays and results

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

What did the LA Rams do on their opening drive after 10 plays? Three rushes by RB Cam Akers for six yards. Three passes to WR Cooper Kupp for 27 yards. Three passes to TE Tyler Higbee for 19 yards. And finally, Matthew Stafford was forced to scramble for positive yards, a four-yard run.  Several plays later, the Rams opted to kick a field goal facing fourth down and 12 yards to go from the San Francisco 49ers’ 21-yard line.

The field goal was good, and the LA Rams open the game with a three-point lead. But during that series, starting right guard and offensive center Coleman Shelton was shaken up and had to be helped off the football field.

Is that what you had hoped out of the LA Rams in their opening offensive series? While the Rams did not put up seven points, the offense did score, controlled the clock for over eight minutes, and were two of three on third down conversions.

Familiar results

The LA Rams began their defensive series by stuffing the 49ers’ rushing attack, allowing (-1) yards on two rushing attempts. But the 49ers are connecting on quick slants, letting 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo get comfortable in the pocket. He has already completed four of five passes for 44 yards.

But after a first-quarter timeout by the 49ers, they went back to the run by tossing to RB Jeff Wilson Jr. The 49ers caught the Rams in an over-shift to their right, and then simply tossed the football to Wilson who ran to the left and raced 32 yards for the score.

In the following offensive series, the LA Rams ran once for two yards, passed for an incompletion to RB Cam Akers, and then Stafford was sacked for the second time in the game.

If you were looking for something different out of the Rams offensively (I was), you are likely disappointed. If you were looking for something different out of the Rams defensively (I was), you are likely disappointed so far as well.

After one quarter, the LA Rams are already trailing in this one by a score of 7-3. But worse yet, this game resembles the six previous regular season losses. The 49ers have the football on second down and nine yards to go on the San Francisco 49ers’ 42-yard line.

After one-quarter of play

42. . 3. 51. 7