Deep dive analysis LA Rams offensive line and offensive struggles

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LA Rams Roster Matthew Stafford
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How did the 49ers sack Stafford seven times? Let me count the ways

The first sack occured by an uncovered defender off the right side when the 49ers showed a shift to the right side of the Rams’ offensive line but stunted to their left. The sack was a result of Rob Haventstein not picking him up.

Sack: Rob Havenstein (not reflected by PFF)

For the second sack, the 49ers stunted once more, this time bunching up their rush to the right while Nick Bosa rushed to his left. While the sack was likely credited to Bobby Evans, the problem came because center Jeremiah Kolone did not release Hassan Ridgeway to Evans in time to pick up the stunting Bosa. In fact, Kolone fell down, cutting Ridgeway, but that created a free lane for the stunting Bosa.

Sack: Bobby Evans

DL Stunts for two more QB sacks, why no runs?

After two sacks, the pattern was clear. The 49ers’ defensive front would stunt and overwhelm the Rams’ inexperience on the offensive line. But the 49ers would come up with another sack in the first half.

The third sack was a blitz by inside linebacker Fred Warner. Once more, the Rams’ offensive line failed to peel off, as offensive center Jeremiah Kolone stayed with his man and did not pick up the blitzing Fred Warner.  The sack was awarded to Charles Omenihu who played opposite Joe Noteboom, but the sack should have been ruled against the left side of the offensives line. In this play, even the trailing Bobby Evans fell down on top of the now-prone Stafford.

Sack: Jeremiah Kolone (not reflected by PFF)

On the fourth quarterback sack, the LA Rams saw the 49ers in a blitz formation and even positioned tight end Tyler Higbee to the left side to pick it up. But DB Deommodore Lenoir simply ran around Higbee as though he was not even there and came up with the fourth sack of the game, and four on Stafford in the first half.  The Rams had allowed Stafford to be brought down four times, but only trailed by eight points. Time to run? Don’t make me laugh.

Sack: Tyler Higbee (not reflected by PFF)

It would be the same thing in the second half.