Have LA Rams passed their way into the danger zone already?

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Nfl Los Angeles Rams At Arizona Cardinals /
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Nfl Los Angeles Rams At Arizona Cardinals /

It’s almost impossible to look at the LA Rams in 2022 and ask yourself what happened to this team? After four games in 2021, the LA Rams were 3-1, had already passed for 1222 yards, had scored 105 points, and looked every bit like the playoff team that they would eventually become. Stafford completed 92 of 135 passes, while the Rams rushed 99 times and gained 372 yards.

In four games so far this season, the Rams are 2-2, have passed for 1015 yards, have scored 70 points, and are looking nothing like a playoff team. In 82 rushes, the Rams have gained 274 yards on the ground and scored three touchdowns. But Matthew Stafford has completed 106 of 150 passes.

What can we say about the LA Rams offense? Well, we can conclude that this year, the LA Rams are:

Passing far more frequently
Gaining fewer yards in the air
Rushing far less frequently
Gaining fewer yards on the ground
Scoring far fewer points

What about the opponent?

Are the Rams playing tougher teams this year? It’s hard to argue that the team has faced tougher opponents after four games than the combined 39-28 record of their first four opponents in 2021.

Some attribute the struggles right now to an offensive line that has yet to start the same five players in consecutive weeks, and there is plenty to be said about that. It was evident against the San Francisco 49ers that their defense had a field day stunting and blitzing the LA Rams throughout the game, and the Rams struggled to get a helmet on each defender threatening the quarterback.

Making matters worse, the Rams abandoned the run and passed into those stunts and blitzes. Somehow, the 49ers seem to bring out a very pass-happy offense from the LA Rams. But that trend to pass so often comes with risks.

The LA Rams play a 17-game schedule.  While four games is not a great basis for a full-season projection, here is where the Rams’ current pace will end up:

Matthew Stafford  – 451 of 638 passes for 4314 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions
Cooper Kupp – 179 of 230 passes for 1709 yards and 13 touchdowns
Tyler Higbee – 112 of 162 passes for 1037 yards and 0 touchdown
Allen Robinson – 38 of 77 passes for 404 yards and 4 touchdowns

In 2021, Kupp was only targeted 191 times over the course of the regular season. If nothing else, the Rams are risking burning out Kupp and Higbee long before they get to the playoffs. IF the team gets to the playoffs.

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Here are some other reasons why passing so frequently behind a makeshift offensive line may not be a wise choice.