LA Rams need to run offense through RB Malcolm Brown in Week 5

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Most likely scenario

The Rams are beating themselves into the ground trying to pass their way out of this funk, and it’s only serving to spiral the offense ever further into the black hole. Will the Rams save themselves from passing nearly 70 percent of their offensive snaps against the Dallas Cowboys? Perhaps. But don’t look for the Rams to commit to the running game in this one.

What I mean is simply this: The Rams will run the football as long as it is obviously clear that they are successful at doing so. In four games, the Rams have passed 150 times and rushed 82 times.

While the Rams are not exactly gaining massive yards running with the football, they are not running the football. In fact, the Rams’ 82 rushing attempts are the 31st fewest attempts in the NFL, only more than the 80 attempts by the Miami Dolphins.

Rams rushers need work

It’s tough to become good at running the football without, um . . . running the football.

What will most likely happen in this one is that the Rams will open up the game with some creative rushing plays, and may even open up an early lead. But if the Rams fall behind in the game, or even as the game enters the second half, the Rams are most likely to fall back to their familiar and bad habits.

The Rams need to run the offense through power running back Malcolm Brown to have a chance in this one. Therefore, that is likely something that they will not do.

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