6 Panthers LA Rams should trade for not named Christian McCaffrey

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Another familiar face

We know that the LA Rams are completely dissatisfied with the play of their current offensive line. But the team is unlikely to invest a ton of resources into the unit, as they have chosen not to do so at practically every opportunity in the past. That being said, there are clearly limits as to what the team is willing to do right now.

C Austin Corbett would be a wise acquisition for the LA Rams right now. Not only is he extremely familiar with the LA Rams offense, but he was their 2019 plug-and-play savior during the last time the offensive line was besieged with an overwhelming number of injuries. Reacquiring him would do wonders for the offensive line now and for the foreseeable future. Now he plugs in as the starting left guard as David Edwards is carefully rehabbing from his second concussion in two weeks.

After that, he returns to right guard, allowing Alaric Jackson to backup the offensive tackles and Coleman Shelton to backup Brian Allen at the center. Or, the Rams could start him at the center until Brian Allen or Coleman Shelton are healthy enough to take over.

Next year, he becomes the permanent solution for projected free agent David Edwards.

Battle in the trenches

C/G Bradley Bozeman is a 6-foot-5 325-pound versatile backup interior offensive lineman on the Panther’s roster who would add an immediate boost to the LA Rams’ offensive line depth. While he may not contribute to the team’s offensive line immediately, he becomes a more dependable option at center than Jeremiah Kolone.  He is currently in the last year of his rookie contract, so if the Panthers are willing to part with him this season, he is merely a stop-gap solution.

OT Brady Christenson is another depth offensive lineman on the Carolina Panthers roster. He is in the second season of his four-year rookie contract, which makes him a more valuable acquisition for the LA Rams. Similarly, his asking price from the Panthers will likely be a bit more. Still, Bozeman ‘feels’ like the type of player who the LA Rams have sought in the past.  A Round 3 rookie, the 6-foot-6 300-pound offensive tackle out of Brigham Young University has patiently awaited his opportunity to play for the Panthers since 2021. He lost out to rookie OT Ikem Edwonu for the chance to start this season. He would be a solid backup on the Rams roster, and if given the chance, could be an eyebrow-raising starter.

I think that the LA Rams want to fix this team as much as possible. But with so many injured players coming back, I would not look for the team to panic nor to lose sight of the bigger picture. The Rams starting offensive linemen will return. The team needs a veteran or two who can help the offense instantly but who could accept a backup role. Who might that be?  You decide.

But if you come to a solid option, let the LA Rams front office know. They are looking for him right now.

Look for LA Rams to help OL that is “Not good enough”. light. Hot