Rams score more TDs for defense than offense in past 3 games

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

If you have been attending the game at SoFi Stadium, then you’ve had a range of emotions. If you have viewed the LA Rams from the comfort of your own home, or among a group of your friends and family at the local sports bar, you have undoubtedly been on your feet to praise the Rams and to curse them.

This a game that pretty much puts everything on display that thrills fans so far this season. The Rams’ offensive line suffered another injury as left tackle Joe Noteboom was carted off the football field with an ankle injury, and he will not return. But when Oday Aboushi lined up at right guard and Alaric Jackson took over at left tackle, the LA Rams offense began to spring to life.

The Rams’ running game began to move the football and move the chains. But more than that, the LA Rams had seized the momentum. The running game got the first down on third down and 15 yards. And the offense was mixing runs and passes beautifully.

But the uglies were not about to let Rams fans enjoy the moment. Immediately after scoring a touchdown, the Rams’ defense held. And the Rams were so eager to get the football back that the Rams burned through their time outs.  But when the LA Rams did get the ball back, another disaster.

Pick six problems again

Matthew Stafford, the quarterback who had just thrown a touchdown pass, threw another touchdown. But this time, the recipient was not his intended target, Cooper Kupp. Rather, the touchdown came from Carolina Panthers defensive back Donte Jackson.

That’s why I have, do, and will continue to lobby the Rams to run the football more often, to target more receivers, and to give defenses more to think about than doubling their coverage of both WR Cooper Kupp and TE Tyler Higbee.

So far early in the third quarter, the LA Rams have passed 14 times and rushed 14 times. The Rams have 77 passing yards and 56 rushing yards. And the defense has held the Panthers’ offense to just three points.

But the Rams will find it difficult to win as long as the offense continues to gift touchdowns to the opponents. So far this season, the Rams’ offense has allowed up two pick-sixes and one fumble recovery for a touchdown. Those three touchdowns are more TDs than the offense has scored in the past 2.5 games.

So here we are, the Rams’ offense is the problem. Fire Raheem Morris? Sure. Why not. Sign a bunch of offensive linemen? Okay.

But it has to come down to the LA Rams offense scoring more points than the opponent. That’s quite difficult when the offense spots the defense more points than the offense scores.

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