Skow and Hendy TD runs give LA Rams win in Week 6

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Carolina Panthers intended on getting their money’s worth out of RB Christian McCaffrey in this one. Of 42 offensive plays, CMC has rushed 13 times for 69 yards and caught seven of eight passes tossed his way for another 89 yards. 158 yards out of the Panthers’ 203 yards of offense, and 50 percent of the Panthers’ touches. McCaffrey ended this one with 78 percent of the Panthers’ offensive yards.

I’d say that the Panthers did.

But the LA Rams are operating on a different offensive philosophy in this one. The Rams appear to be committed to running the football, and with the shaky stats of LA Rams starting QB Matthew Stafford, it’s about time.

Even as fans will look at problems, the overall Rams performance is starting to take much better shape.  With just 8:15 remaining in the fourth quarter, the LA Rams offense is starting to find its rhythm.

Rather than pass to Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee, the Rams have been passing to WR Ben Skowronek and Allen Robinson.  In fact, the Rams’ passing offense has involved eight different receivers. But it was a 17-yard touchdown run by Skowronek and a two-yard touchdown plunge by RB Darrell Henderson that has been the difference for the Rams offense in this one.

BYE week timing

Even while the LA Rams are heading into a BYE week, the LA Rams need to win this one desperately.  A 3-3 record is a vastly better spot than a 2-4 record after six games, particularly in light of a shocking San Francisco 49ers loss at the hands of the Atlanta Falcons today.

The Rams have finally scored a fourth-quarter touchdown. The LA Rams rushing offense is finally getting some love from the play-calling.  And it’s been 109+ yards and two vital touchdowns on the ground.

Hey, let’s not kid ourselves. The LA Rams’ defense allowed just 131 yards of offense, and just one field goal. If the LA Rams’ defense was not dominating so well, would the Rams have allowed the running back so many touches? Perhaps not.

But with a solid performance by the offense, perhaps the LA Rams will see the light. Okay, that likely won’t happen. But this is a win. Right now, the Rams need little victories, and this one will go into the record books as a win.

Best of all, after noting how the Rams’ offense had gifted more touchdowns to their opponents, the Rams piled up three touchdowns in this one.

A win. A BYE. A chance to regroup.

87. 24. 51. Final. 10

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