Arizona still dealing the Cards, trade for Robbie Anderson

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

If you thought that the LA Rams had seen the last of the antics of Carolina Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson, you are correct. You have. But you haven’t seen the last of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Robbie Anderson, as the latest reports are that he has indeed been traded to the Cardinals today.

You may recall that Anderson’s sideline antics added quite a bit of unexpected drama during the LA Rams Week 6 game against the Panthers. It was clear that the rumors of his seeking to be dealt off the Panthers roster were quite accurate.  So accurate, that the following day, he was packing his bags and heading across the country to the Arizona desert.

How much did it cost the Cardinals? Next to nothing, I am sorry to say. And that could be problematic.

While some may believe that the LA Rams should have made a token offer, I’m not convinced that the Rams can handle trying to figure out how to optimize one more offensive weapon right now. Despite the TV commentators’ statements, the Rams have quite a few weapons on the team. The problem is not getting weapons, but getting the most out of them.  With Robbie Anderson’s public display on the Panthers’ sideline, the coaches were sure to steer clear of him.

A spark? Or tossing a match into a gas can?

But the Arizona Cardinals, at the bottom rung of the NFC West Division right now, are desperate enough to look for any help to win. Anderson stands 6-foot-3 and weighs 190-pounds, played four seasons for the New York Jets before signing on with the Carolina Panthers, and has the potential to add some pop to any NFL offense.

While the Cardinals are optimistic about getting Anderson at such a reduced price, not everything points up for them after the deal. For starters, Anderson is slightly better than a 50 percent career pass catcher. And now, mid-season, he will be expected to pick up a new offense on the fly.

Meanwhile, you should expect that the return of WR DeAndre Hopkins from a six-game suspension will command far more attention from the coaching staff.  Anderson is coming off an offense where he was either the WR1 or WR2 and is heading to an offense where he will be no better than a WR3 or WR4. For an emotional and flamboyant receiver who gets in the face of coaches for a lack of work, I don’t see this being an upgrade for the guy.

Now, consider the temper’s flaring between Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and WR Anderson if things don’t go their way. That could get very ugly very quickly.

I’m not saying that it can’t work. I am skeptical that it will, at least to the extent that the Cardinals are able to make the NFL playoffs this season.

EDITOR’S Note: After publication, details emerged over a potentially season-ending foot injury that had just occured on Sunday to Cardinals top receiver, Marquise Brown. So now we know why the Cardinals made such an instant offer.

So it seems as though Anderson will get some work after all?

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