Mystery about LA Rams star OT Alaric Jackson has finally been solved

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

While the LA Rams continue to struggle against all odds with an endless stream of injuries to their offensive linemen, it’s about time that we stop just lumping every lineman and every bad play into one category and then barraging them even further with insults. That is truly adding insult to injury, and it’s beneath us to turn on the guys who were never expected to be doing what they are tasked with doing.

Better yet, there are some players on the Rams’ offensive line who are truly worthy of starting in their own right.  Right now, one such unheralded star of the offensive line is an undrafted offensive lineman out of the University of Iowa, Alaric Jackson. Even as the cheap shot artists berate the LA Rams offensive line, Jackson has, is, and will continue to be a shining example that the Rams process delivers stellar NFL offensive linemen from the players chosen long after the NFL Draft has shut down.

The role of Jackson in this offensive scheme truly depends on the day. In 2021, he was an emergency starter at left tackle. In 2022, he has already been an emergency starter at right guard and is now a backup start at left offensive tackle.  To date, he has not allowed a single sack and has committed just two penalties.

Mystery solved

The mystery about Alaric Jackson is his weight. The guy stands 6-foot-7 and is listed on the LA Rams roster on the official website at 285 pounds. Of course, that has prompted a rather lengthy exchange among fans who are guessing what his true weight comes in at now.  After all, the bigger the better when the job is as physically demanding as playing in an NFL line of scrimmage day in and day out.

The mystery of Jackson’s weight first appeared in 2020, when reports surfaced about the guy switching over to a vegan diet to lose some body weight, allowing him to play with more speed and agility. When the Rams signed him after the 2021 NFL Draft, we loved the addition and rolled out multiple articles endorsing the guy who could be a true diamond in the rough.

But any potential is only realized when given an opportunity. Due to the Rams’ onslaught of injuries, Alaric Jackson is getting the chance to show the NFL what he can do.  Now that he is getting that chance, the intrigue over an offensive lineman who stands 6-foot-7 but is listed at 285-pounds is getting quite a bit of discussion right now. So I shared the latest bit of information that I had, a report that Alaric Jackson had converted over to a vegan diet.

Well, thankfully, Alaric Jackson himself weighed in to set the record straight.

So we can all rest easy. The LA Rams left tackle for the foreseeable future is 6-foot-7 and 330-pounds.

And we can confirm that the information comes from a very reliable source.

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