Brian Burns fuels LA Rams rumors with his latest IG

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Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

If you want to improve the LA Rams roster, which position would you focus on? The LA Rams enter a BYE this week. The Rams will emerge with healthy offensive linemen and healthy running backs. But the Rams’ pass rush has no reinforcements arriving.

The LA Rams are at a crossroads of the season. While you may think that statement is a bit too melodramatic after just six games of the 2022 NFL season, I stand by it. The LA Rams are just three wins and three losses after six games and are limping into their early BYE week.

When the 2022 schedule was initially released, the Week 7 BYE seemed awfully early. But with the non-stop injury occurrences on this roster, the Rams roster and front office needs a break in the action, if for nothing else than simply to catch their breath and hopefully heal some players up to return for Week 8.

Right now, the LA Rams need reinforcements. At the pace of the injuries, and underwhelming performances, I really do not think that anyone is giving much heed to the ‘how,’ as much as the who.

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RamsHouse is burning

One such ‘who’ that makes complete sense for the LA Rams to trade for is the Carolina Panthers’ young pass rusher, Brian Burns. He is a pass rush tornado, and his stats after five games this year mirrored that of LA Rams DT Aaron Donald. While some NFL rumors suggest that he will be dealt before the trade deadline, another report claims that the Panthers will not trade him.

Of course, the track record of the ‘ain’t gonna’ reports is often timed and leaked to drive up the price for that player. And as if all of these conflicting messages are not enough to have LA Rams fans asking which way is up, we have a new development underway.

Is Brian Burns teasing social media? Of course.

But it’s not a statement refusing to entertain the idea. In fact, even in jest, Burns is clearly toying with the idea. Does he have a say in where he ends up? No. In the NFL, contracted players are exclusively at the mercy of the NFL team who signed that player to a contract. That means that the Rams must persuade the Panthers to trade away their star pass rusher.

But as far as convincing Brian Burns to approve of a trade to the LA Rams?  If that was a necessary step, I think we could check that box off.

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