Weak NFC West means tougher sledding to playoffs for LA Rams

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

As the LA Rams sink into their easy chairs to watch their NFC West Division rivals, the Arizona Cardinals (2-4) host the New Orleans Saints (2-4) in this week’s episode of Thursday Night Football, the team must know that even a game between two 2-4 NFC teams this early carries important playoff implications. That’s right. I said playoff implications.

Of course, it’s easy to connect the dots over playoffs, the LA Rams, and any team that competes in the NFC West. Right now, the LA Rams at 3-3 are clinging to the seventh and final NFC Playoff berth thanks to a better win percentage (3-2) in conference games over the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Seattle Seahawks.

Due to the team’s 0-1 record to the San Francisco 49ers (3-3), the Rams are currently not in first place in the division.

Because the LA Rams are simply 3-3, they may need to be to ensure postseason play.

10 game winners may mean the Rams must win 11

It’s a safe bet that the Green Bay Packers will win 10 games this season. So too does it appear that the San Francisco 49ers, with a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, can claim 10 wins this season. That means the LA Rams likely need to go 8-3 over the remaining 11 games of the season. And perhaps places ‘must win’ already on the rematch with the San Francisco 49ers. Let’s pretend to forget the fact that the Rams are struggling on an 0-7 regular season streak against the Niners.

The NFC East Division has three teams at 4-2 records or better. The NFC North boasts two teams at 3-3 or better. The NFC South boasts two teams at 3-3 or better. And finally, the NFC West boasts three teams at 3-3 or better. Only the Arizona Cardinals are below .500 at 2-4. But their roster just got much better, as WR DeAndre Hopkins returns to the team for tonight’s Thursday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints.

The NFC West may not appear to be as formidable as other NFL divisions that year, but that is not going to help the LA Rams in the long run. Other NFL divisions appear to be just as if not more competitive as the NFC West this season. That means when it comes down to seeding teams in the NFL Playoffs, the NFC West may very likely send just one team into the postseason.

If the Rams do not win the NFC West Division this year, they may miss out on postseason play for the second time in LA Rams HC Sean McVay’s tenure.

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