Jake Funk signs with Saints even as LA Rams seek RB help

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

Isn’t it ironic that even as the LA Rams’ focus seems to be upon adding a running back to the roster, a former rusher who was on the roster has signed on to another team’s practice squad? Perhaps the loss of former Rams running back Jake Funk is not something that you pay much heed to. But it shows a pattern that may be good for the team or not so good for the team.

We know that the LA Rams do not rest when it comes to chances to improve the roster, whether that means adding a potential starter to the roster or simply getting a practice squad player to ensure that the team has adequate depth. The Rams work all ends of the roster.

The proof is that the Rams added veteran RB Malcolm Brown. Just two weeks later, Brown was signed to the active roster, and three days later, Jake Funk was released, very likely with the intention of signing him to the team’s practice squad. But once waived, Funk had multiple offers to sign on a practice squad and opted to sign with the New Orleans Saints.

In terms of offensive production, Funk carried the football four times for the LA Rams and only gained 10 yards. For the most part, he was a special teams specialist for the Rams, appearing in over 200 snaps on special teams. He returned four kickoffs for 88 yards and recorded one tackle in coverage.

Get the funk out

Funk was selected by the LA Rams with the 233rd pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, a spot that typically yields special team players.

Even now, the LA Rams rushing attack has suffered for years, only showing signs of life in 2020 when the team decided to give the running-back-by-committee a true shot. The result for the Rams’ offense was a rejuvenated rushing attack that masked the struggles of then-quarterback Jared Goff.  The Rams showed flashes of competence when the Rams entrusted RB Sony Michel to handle the load late in 2021.

But the Rams made no effort to extend Michel, have lost Jake Funk to the Saints, and continue to seek a trade partner for RB Cam Akers with no success. Can the Rams turn around their ground game? Let’s hope so. This offense needs help and diversity, so any gains on the ground are a good thing.

Clearly, RB Jake Funk voted with his legs and ran off to sign elsewhere. Not to throw shade his way, but I would love for the Rams to prove him wrong.

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