ESPN reports Packers after Cardinals Green, Eagles get Ex-LA Rams Quinn

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

So you want the LA Rams to do something, do you? Well, the NFL trade deadline is heating up faster and hotter than it has been for some time. So far, the LA Rams appear to have a long shopping list but have come up short in the quest to improve the team. The trick is that there are a number of other NFL teams shopping as well, and unlike the LA Rams, they are shopping the NFL Trade market with a pocket full of salary cap cash and a safe deposit box full of future draft picks.

And that gets the job done more often than not.

While the LA Rams continue to pursue players who fit the needs of this roster, other teams are actively engaged in seeking roster help. Right now, ESPN NFL Insider Dan Graziano reports that the Green Bay Packers are actively pursuing Arizona Cardinal WR A.J. Green. And the Cardinals could deal him away for a late-round draft pick, now that they have a surplus at the wide receiver position.

But what about the chances of the LA Rams trading for a boost to their pass rush?

Eagles swoop in to get Quinn

Well, if you snooze, you lose. In this case, it’s not to the San Francisco 49ers, but rather to the Philadelphia Eagles. And the compensation was for a fourth-round pick, which also compensates the Chicago Bears to pick up most of Robert Quinn’s remaining salary for this year.

Why didn’t the LA Rams offer a similar package?

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Well, it could be that they are engaged in trade talks elsewhere. It could also be that they didn’t value Quinn’s potential at that price point. Finally, it could be that the LA Rams were simply a dollar short and a day late in making a deal happen.

In all honesty, the Rams have been unusually quiet, or unsuccessful, over this trade deadline. The Rams lost out on the chance to add RB Christian McCaffrey to the San Franciso 49ers and now lost out on the chance to add DE Robert Quinn to help the Rams pass rush to the Philadelphia Eagles.

And with each setback, the supply of players who may be traded before the NFL Trade Deadline shrinks, and the price likely goes up.

Will the Rams’ front office make a move? That does seem to be the direction that signs are pointing in right now. But when and who will be the target when it happens is anyone’s guess right now.

But Rams rumors are all over the place. We’ll try to cover that topic today too.

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