LA Rams front office turns nose up to fans over OL injuries

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Fans are not satisfied

Was that enough? I suppose that depends on who you ask. The comments section for any article that touches upon the LA Rams roster is met with an onslaught of fans comments who insist that the LA Rams need to invest in a trade that pries a Pro-Bowler offensive lineman from another team and lands him on the Rams roster.

But before we chase that rabbit across the field, let’s examine exactly who the LA Rams did add:

Name                   2021 team      2021 snaps   21 Penalties   21 sacks   PFF Grade
Oday Aboushi    LA Chargers           298                    2                      0                68.2
Matt Skura         NY Giants               769                    3                       2                50.8
Ty Nekhe             Dallas Cowboys    145                    1                      2                72.5

And for the Rams’ purposes, all three veteran additions fit their criteria: They were accomplished veteran offensive linemen who had significant experience, they had played on a postseason roster, and they were affordable.

Fix that OL!

From the fans’ perspective, the LA Rams offensive line is the problem. A better offensive line would protect veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford, and the passing game would be fixed. A better offensive line would open running lanes and the Rams running backs would be gaining plenty of yards on the ground, which in turn would create uncertainty in the defense, which would help to improve the running game.

And that could be the cure to the Rams’ offense. But there could be more to it than that.

Is the problem solely on the Rams’ offensive line? We investigated what evidence that we have available so far, and the problem is complicated.  For instance, against three of the NFL’s top passing defenses, the Rams’ offensive game plan was to pass 40+ times.  While that is tough for the best NFL offensive lines, the Rams have systemically had to face defenses with a new group of five starters each week so far this season.

Is it possible that using their 12-personnel package, a balanced offensive attack, and less reliance upon a pass-centric offense that played into the teeth of the defense may have had better success? Perhaps it would have allowed a struggling offensive line to catch their breath, get some momentum, and not face the relentless pass rush that has sacked veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford nearly as many times in six games as he was sacked in all of 2021.