LA Rams front office turns nose up to fans over OL injuries

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Who can the LA Rams acquire?

The only problem is, which quality offensive linemen are available? The LA Rams have shed some players in the past who are playing quite well. Former LA Rams center Austin Blythe is playing very well right now for the Seattle Seahawks.  And that proves the point that NFL players can improve, and are limited, at times, to the offensive system that they are competing for.

So it would make sense for the LA Rams to inquire about Philadelphia Eagles’ backup offensive tackle, Andre Dillard. ESPN’s NFL Insider Jeremy Fowler is fanning the flames of LA Rams rumors linking the Rams to Dillard. Could it happen?

Now the question is, where do you play him? Is he an immediate upgrade for the LA Rams at left tackle? If not, why pull the trigger on this trade?

Rams rumors with another familiar face on the offensive line

The LA Rams are also mentioned occasionally with another familiar face, former Rams offensive guard Austin Corbett. Much like Blythe, he has found his niche on the Carolina Panthers offensive line, and any deal made to re-acquire him to the LA Rams roster would undoubtedly cost a pretty penny. But Corbett’s name has already been mentioned as a rumored trade target for the Buffalo Bills.

With his history with the LA Rams as recently as last season, he is a prime target for the Rams to target as well. Just look at how well he is playing for the Panthers right now:

Ultimately, it comes down to the Rams’ philosophy. The LA Rams develop and do not trade for help on the offensive line. That has been the strategy of this team for many years. Even when signing veteran left tackle Andrew Whitworth, he was added as a free agent.