LA Rams rumors: 4 trade targets at RB after falling short on McCaffrey

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Honorable mention

49ers RB Tevin Coleman

If the LA Rams intended to take advantage of a player whose knowledge of the San Francisco 49ers would give the Rams a competitive edge, the Rams had every opportunity to claim 49ers, RB Tevin Coleman, off waivers.

Coleman stands 6-foot-1, weighs 210 pounds, and is competing in his eighth season in the NFL. A rotational back, Coleman has been a solid performer when given the chance. The 49ers have since signed him back to their practice squad, but the Rams have the option to sign him to their active roster if the interest is there.

Jets RB James Robinson

In the time required to write this article, the New York Jets stole my thunder and traded for RB James Robinson from the Jacksonville Jaguars for next to nothing. Robinson is a smallish back who stands 5-foot-9 and weighs 219-pounds.

I liked his potential for the LA Rams offense, as he seemed to be a more durable version of Darell Henderson Jr. In 485 rushes, he has 2,177 yards gained plus 18 rushing touchdowns. The Rams let a good one get away.

Chargers RB Sony Michel

The LA Rams thought so much of RB Sony Michel that the team traded both a sixth-round pick and a fourth-round pick to rent the guy for one season. Then, after that season was done, the Rams allowed the only running back to remain healthy on their roster to walk away in free agency without an offer.

Were the Rams correct? He does not seem to be doing much for the LA Chargers, who have him buried on the depth chart behind RB Austin Ekeler and RB Joshua Kelley. While not contributing much to the Chargers’ offense, the LA Rams did very well when entrusting the rushing attack to Michel.  He had a number of 100+ yard rushing games and led the Rams rushers last season.

But if the team was willing to let him walk, there is little chance that they will trade even a late draft pick to restore him to the roster.

Bears RB David Montgomery

Okay, if the Rams are interested in getting a solid running back, then Chicago Bears RB David Montgomery’s name should be mentioned. Although he is the starting running back for the Bears and is currently competing in the fourth and final season of his rookie contract, the Bears have solid talent behind him in RB Khalil Herbert and RB Trestan Ebert.

Perhaps the Rams could package RB Cam Akers and a pick to pry Montgomery from the Bears roster? While not McCaffrey, Montgomery is a 5-foot-11 224-pound running back who excels either as a runner or as a receiver in the offense.  Right now, Montgomery’s name is hot in NFL rumors.

Do any of those players pique your interest? If not, keep reading, because we have a few more names to cover: