LA Rams rumors: 4 trade targets at RB after falling short on McCaffrey

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LA Rams Rumors Rams Roster Alexander Mattison
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Options IV and III

Option IV: Vikings RB Alexander Mattison

There are some who believe that the current LA Rams offensive struggles point to the loss of former Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell to the Minnesota Vikings. After all, the Vikings are the cream of the NFC North Division, boasting a record of 5-1. Curiously, Vikings RB Alexander Mattison is a hot name among NFL Rumors as a player who could be traded before the deadline. But are the LA Rams interested? One fan thinks that they should be:

Mattison stands 5-foot-11 and weighs 215-pounds, and is firmly entrenched behind Vikings RB Dalvin Cook. He is a versatile rusher, who can gain yards by running or receiving, and that would endear him quickly to LA Rams head coach Sean McVay. Most of all, you cannot overlook the fact that he is playing in a Rams spin-off offense, so his ability to catch on with the Rams would be quick. Could he be exchanged for a disheartened Cam Akers? Stay tuned . . .

Option III: Broncos RB Melvin Gordon

If there is any running back situation that has devolved faster and darker than that of the LA Rams situation with RB Cam Akers, it’s that of the situation between RB Melvin Gordon and that of the Denver Broncos. Gordon is utterly frustrated, and it’s showing.

Gordon is a name that would certainly interest the LA Rams. Gordon stands 6-foot-1, weighs 215-pounds, and is competing in his eighth NFL season. He is a dangerous offensive weapon whenever the football is in his hands, whether it’s running or catching. The Broncos are unhappy with his ball security right now, having fumbled four times in just 66 carries. Perhaps a change of scenery would do Melvin Gordon some good. And the Cam Akers for Melvin Gordon rumors are heating up right now.

Stay tuned . . .