LA Rams rumors: 4 trade targets at RB after falling short on McCaffrey

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Options II and I

Option II: Browns RB Kareem Hunt

The Cleveland Browns are more than happy to trade backup RB Kareem Hunt. Initially, reported rumors set the asking price at a fourth-round draft pick, that minimum bid seems to be history, as the latest rumors seem to fall into the ‘make me an offer,’ category.

Is Hunt worth considering? Like many of the rushers listed so far, he has the potential to be incredibly dangerous either on the ground or through the air. Entering his sixth NFL season, Hunt is buried behind Nick Chubb. He wants to get more work, and the LA Rams would benefit from a stable rusher who can carry the workload right now. So how much of an impact does Hunt make on a salary cap?

Much like the trade for RB Sony Michel last season, adding RB Kareem Hunt would be a one-year rental for the LA Rams. That seems to be the way the team likes it, doesn’t it?

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Option I: Browns RB D’Ernest Johnson

The Cleveland Browns are just sitting on RB D’Ernest Johnson. If I understand my LA Rams history correctly, the last time that the LA Rams were shopping for a position that the Browns had an oversupply of, the Rams ended up trading for OL Austin Corbett for a fifth-round draft pick. Could the Rams get lightning to strike twice?

The LA Rams love to get a player in the last year of their rookie contract and D’Ernest Johnson is playing in the final year of his rookie contract. The reason why? Hunt is looking for a starting role and a big contract with his new team. Neither is a sure thing for Hunt with the Rams. But Johnson is a happy camper and just wants to touch the football somehow, and the Rams can give him that. I think that the 5-foot-10, 208-pound running back makes complete sense for the team to acquire.

The Rams want a durable dependable option at running back, and D’Ernest Johnson can provide that at a minimal cost. The Rams may even consider a one-for-one swap with the Browns, but the Rams may seek to move Cam Akers for any offer if they make this trade.

It’s clear that the NFL Trade market will be quite active before the deadline. And, to be fair, we are assembling another Rams rumors article that covers the players who have been linked to the LA Rams who are not running backs.

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