Are the LA Rams any closer to trading away RB Cam Akers?

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Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams front office has not had an easy time of it this season. After all, the amount of work involved in signing veterans to the roster after the end of training camp is pretty time-consuming. The LA Rams have signed nine new players to the roster since September 1st.  So it’s safe to say that the Rams personnel office is earning their wages right now.

But complicating the efforts of improving the roster is the devolving situation with running back Cam Akers, whose discontent with his workload created a confrontation with the team that appears to have led to his demand to be traded.

Of course, that is a curious request, because the LA Rams tried and failed to acquire Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey earlier in the month, and are now linked to up to seven NFL running backs who are rumored to be available for the right price before the NFL Trade Deadline on November 1st.

So, the question is, are the LA Rams any closer to trading away RB Cam Akers? That depends on who you ask, it seems.

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Rams seek trade partner – Operators are standing by

The LA Rams head coach Sean McVay confirmed that the Rams are indeed discussing trading Akers with different teams, but nothing is taking shape yet.

So are the Rams and Akers having second thoughts? I don’t think so, as Akers continues to be absent from practices. And based on the comments of Coach McVay about the potential return of RB Kyren Williams, there really feels like the relationship between McVay and Akers could be nearing, or past, the breaking point.

Of course, there has been a lot of NFL trade activity in the days leading up to the NFL Trade Deadline, which seemingly has some new trade announcements at least every 24-hour interval. So far, nothing seems to be brewing over trade talks for Cam Akers. Still, there are plenty of unconfirmed reports that a deal is about to go down too.

Will something happen? Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not.

The Rams have not done themselves any favors in attracting interest in Akers if they truly want a trade to go down. After six games, Cam Akers has rushed the football 51 times for 151 yards and one touchdown. That is an average of 8.5 carries and 25.2 yards per game. Those are hardly the type of numbers that excite NFL general managers.

Even if no trade partner makes a fair offer, many NFL teams likely expect the Rams to outright release Akers, much like the team did with a similar dispute with WR DeSean Jackson a year ago. I don’t believe that the Rams and Akers have a good chance of repairing this relationship. Unfortunately, other NFL teams know this and are prepared to wait.

The clock is ticking, but the only team under pressure to make something happen is the LA Rams.

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